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Card of the Year

Your Card this year is

The Wheel of Fortune!

When the Wheel of Fortune shows up as your card of the year, get ready for some exciting changes.


The card of luck and fate, fame and fortune. This is the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another. 

Changes can occur in jobs, residence or even your outlook.


Whatever changes come you are ready to embrace them.

Life can be bringing you new resources, people  and opportunities. 

Recognition for something you have done and coming into the limelight.

You may also be seeing the recurring motifs and natural cycles of your life.

Some questions you may want to think about during this cycle are:

Is there anything I need to resolve?

In what way am I expanding? Business? Personal life? Spiritually? 

What have I completed? 

What am I beginning?

In what areas am I progressing and in what areas do I want to progress?

When The Wheel of Fortune is your card of the year, pay attention.

 Look for hidden opportunities and lucky breaks. 

This is a time when the work that you have put in pays off. 

If you haven’t started that new project this is a great year to begin.

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