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Children and Dreaming


The practice of dream sharing is a fun and interesting way to enrich the bond that you have with your child.

Keeping a dream journal for them helps them to express themselves and encourages them to open up about things they may be hesitant to share.

I always enjoy a quick go around the breakfast table where everyone shares their dream, even if its just a snippet. 

If they are old enough have them write it down or you can jot it down for them. You can also have them draw a picture. Encouraging dream expression through art is an enjoyable way for both of you to understand the dream world.

Look at my page on Dream Journals for ideas.

Many dreams that your child has will be funny, magical or surprisingly insightful. Daily dream chats make it a lot easier when you child does have an upsetting dream. They are used to talking about dreams and will be more willing to share details.

How do we deal with scary dreams? If you already have dream work practices in place this is a good time to get your tool kit out.

The goal is to transform the fear and help your child to feel empowered.

We can practice this empowerment in waking life. Lets say there is a scary dog chasing the child in the dream. We can bake scary dog cookies and eat them up. If your child is up for it they can go back in the dream with a pocket of doggie treats and make friends.

A little probing can help you and your child come up with the perfect action plan. A dream toolkit is what you are helping your child assemble so that they are empowered and happy to go to the magical land of dreams.

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